10 Inspiring and Awesome Things you Need to Know about “The Rock”

10 Inspiring and Awesome Things you Need to Know about “The Rock”


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is a world famous WWE superstar, an outstanding actor in Hollywood, a very influential public figure, and one of the sexiest males alive today. He is very much known not just for his acting skills, and awesome physique, but is also because of his inspirational life story. He has made an impression that is bound to last. As a fan have said, whatever role he may assume or do in the future; Dwayne will always be “The Rock”, the humble and the very talented WWE superstar. However, as part of the dark culture of the hollywood industry, people who shines so bright are also the ones who earn most of the negative comments. But Dwayne proves that it is not always the case! He is really a good guy, that people can’t bring him down! Here’s 10 things that will prove to you that he is indeed a good guy, in and out! Well, fans, here’s a treat for you!

1. He does not only act superbly, he also writes great!

Different from what most of his bashers think, Dwayne is a man with and of substance. He even published an inspirational book about how he managed to get into stardom, and how his humble beginnings shaped his certain viewpoints in life. More than fame and everything else, he always tell people that one cannot his or her destination without acknowledging his or her past. He truly moved his fans over this book entitled “The Rock Says”.

2. He’s just a normal hollywood star!

Similar with all other top hollywood stars, Dwayne has certain routine he does when he is into the acting scene. Among these routines is his change of perfume when he portrays different characters. He chooses different scents, depending on how strong the personality of the character he is going to portray. This is one of his many routines, which for him, makes him a more effective actor. It seemed like Dwayne associates his character with his perfume! For aspiring actors, this is also a tip for you!

3. He’s an 8th time Champion in the WWE World Heavyweight competition!

He is the ultimate “Rock”! Imagine having won 8 times, with that very difficult and very prestigious competition? Until now, nobody has ever broken that record and yes, he is still a history maker! Let that sink in, fans…

4. He was Johnny Bravo!

With that physique, it really is not surprising anymore that Dwayne was considered to play the sexiest male cartoon character of the 90’s! In the early 2000s, when Dwayne was just a newbie in the industry, he has been chosen to play Johnny. His physique and his reputation in the WWE has placed him among the finest choices to portray the Johnny Bravo Live Action. However, it was just sad that the plan to9 make the movie was fully scraped in 2002. It should have been a great movie, wooh regrets.

5. He’s an alien wrestler!

Well, not in real life, but at least he’s played one. Some of you may remember his iconic brow action from that one Star Trek episode where he kicked ass. That’s one great Dwyane right there, fans!

6. He was assumed to be an undercover cop in High School!

Because of his looks, his classmates and schoolmates once assumed that he is an undercover cop who is up for an investigation in their high school. He was known to be one of the cool kids (but don’t bully) because of that. Although he admitted that he is not a cop, and he is just a regular student, students still treated him with respect.

7. He holds two world records

He got his first record – “The highest pay day for a first-time leading man”, after getting that spin-off movie “Scorpion King”, which earned him $5.5 million. And his second record was for the most selfies taken in three minutes at the London premiere of San Andreas. He just went all out on that one! And yes, Dwayne is really something for a hollywood actor!

8. He was the next-in-line to play Willy Wonka!

Imagine The Rock playing that character? Isn’t it a sight to see? But then, he was only the second choice for that role because Tim Burton chose Johnny Depp. Nonetheless, The Rock pursued a lot more even after that failed casting!

9. He eats seven meals a day!

With a body like that, it is not surprising anymore! Dwayne said that eating three meals a day is not enough for him! So to maintain his built, and to get enough energy, he eats seven heavy meals a day!

10. He had male breast reduction surgery.

Unlike other male stars who had injections and tonings, Dwayne had reductions. In 2005, when he was transitioning into acting, The Rock needed to look less bulky, and had to surgically reduce the size of his rock-hard pecs. So he had to undergo a breast reduction surgery. But it was the only external body enhancement Dwayne had. All of him is of natural process, and parctices.





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