15 Interesting Things You should Should Know About Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

15 Interesting Things You should Should Know About Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago


Miriam Palma Defensor Santiago, also known as “MDS”, “Iron Lady of Asia” was born in June 15, 1945 and has sadly passed away this morning of September 29, 2016. On her 71 years of existence, she has mightily served the country in ways she deemed possible and worthy. She is a unique kind of woman who will pass through everything because she can. Her fierceness, her boldness is what differentiated her from all the other politicians out there. Her service in the Philippine government is also incomparable. Indeed, the country is so much blessed and lucky to have one Miriam Defensor Santiago under its wings. Now, as we mourn after the loss of this woman, let us relive and let us all be taken in  away in memories of her that will be engraved in our heart forever.


  1. Being a writer is what she had always dreamt of.

She was a magna cum laude, a lawyer, and yet she kept this dream of becoming a writer above it all. She had what she needed, but for her, it is the simple things that matter. MDS dreamt of becoming a writer even before she had pursued her higher education. As a matter of fact, she originally wanted to take up literature in UP, but because of her father’s insistence that she took up law, she gave up this dream and pursue law instead. She was bound to her promise to her father, so she never became the professional writer she wanted to become. She has indirectly achieved this dream when she became the first ever female Editor-in-Chief of the Philippine Collegian, the official newspaper of the University of the Philippines Diliman. She also has been able to release two comedy books, “Stupid is Forever” and “Stupid is Forevermore”. These books contained all her punchlines and her comedic stunts.

  1. She never wanted to get married, and wanted to be a nun instead.

Her catholic beliefs has been ingrained in her as far as this – never wanting to get married. She saw how the girls in her generation aspire to be nuns, so she hoped for herself also. However, upon realizing that being a nun would not provide for her family, she changed her mind and chose another profession. “Ever since I was young, I always wanted to be a nun because during my generation’s time, that was the fad. All prim little girls wanted to be a nun. I also wanted to be a nun because I was taught by the nuns. But I realized eventually that I couldn’t afford that particular ambition. I was the eldest of 7 children,” she said in an interview.

  1. She almost flunked the 1969 bar exams.

Despite being the ‘super girl” or the excellent one, MDS also had her down seasons, including this one. She almost flunked the 1969 bar exams with a grade of 78%. This almost ‘flaw’ has been the only thing that her nemesis, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile throws at her during heated arguments in the Senate, because it is the only flaw there is. Enrile have known of this because she was classmates with him during their law days. On one hand, MDS was never ashamed of this.

  1. Because of the number 3. She resorted to pursuing higher learning.

The Supreme Justice does not accept average bar passers, they chose the best among the best. But since MDS wasn’t able to be the top, and she cannot join the said institution, she resorted to pursuing a higher education at the Michigan Law School from 1974 to 1976. She has successfully gained Masters of Law and Doctors of Juridical Science. These achievements have bolstered MDS credentials, making her one of the top law practitioners there is in the country.






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