3 Months in Presidency: List of Things that President Duterte has Done...

3 Months in Presidency: List of Things that President Duterte has Done for the Philippines


After so many years, it is only this 2016 that the country has been brave enough to elect a President who is very willing to change the country for the better. For so many years, the country has been contented with just ‘enough’, but this time they stand up to get a better, a more suitable and a fiercer candidate to represent and lead the country.

President Duterte’s path to Presidency is not that easy. He had doubts and second thoughts back then. As one would remember, he in fact has denied the presidential race twice – on the filing of candidacy and for a replacement of the then candidate who backed down. But the call is stronger his doubts, and the people’s encouragement pulls him stronger than his fear. So he finally decided to run for Presidency, and eventually won in May 9, 2016. He won by landslide and with a couple of millions from the top 2 candidate. So, after three months in office, what does our President accomplished? Here’s 50+ things that he has done in just three months.



  1. The indefinite ceasefire between armed groups in the South. President Duterte has been able to settle a negotiation with the MILF, MNLF, CPP and NDF held in Norway.
  2. He has been able to institutionalized a one-stop show for the OFWs in POEA, which makes more convenient for our balikbayans, or kababayans who just went home from abroad. This shop actually is way way better than what the previous administration has done.
  3. He has mandated the Department of Agrarian Reform to open its gates for farmers and protesters to hear their complaints and opinions. This has been the first time in two decades, and the stakeholders really appreciated this move of President Duterte.
  4. President Duterte has institutionalized two national hotlines, the 911 and 8888 – the first ever in Philippine History. The 911 hotline is the national emergency hotline while the 8888 hotline is for the citiznes complaints against fixers, etc.
  5. Faster, more fluid and more efficient transactions with the government was also madated by President Duterte. Before, you still have to wait at least half a fay to get your SSS I.D. for example, but now, you can get yours within an hour only. This is really a drastic change done by President Duterte.
  6. Distribution of Hacienda Luisita to famers in three months, starting this August 2016 is also a product of Pres. Duterte’s administration. This has been an issue that the former administrations was not able to resolve because of conflict of interest.
  7. Pres. Duterte also called for the immediate repatriation of stranded OFWs in Saudi Arabia. It is a tough world out there, so Pres. Digong really did his best tyo be able to help these stranded citizens which the former adminstrations weren’t able to address.
  8. There are no more interruptions on the processing of Balikbayan Boxes. Similar with no. 7, President only wants to help the OFW themselves and their immediate families, so no more hold-ups of balikbayan boxes on Customs.
  9. President also made sure that the agricultural equipments stored in some place which were purchased years ago are given to the rightful holders. He first handedly made sure the farmers get these equipments.
  10. The ‘laglag bala’ scheme is over. Even when he is not yet the President, Pres. Duterte has made sure that this scheme will be put into the stop. And true to his words, it stopped once he assumed the position of Presidency. So now, one should not be worried about flying locally and internationally because this scheme is over.
  11. On his fight with drugs, he has been able to collect 700, 000 people who surrendered who promised to change their lives and start a new.
  12. The irrigation projects for the farmers, which has a nationwide coverage has started. This is because of the cooperation between Department of Agriculture, and of course, President Duterte.
  13. The servicemen’s one in a million dinner chance at Malacañang. No President before him has permitted common people to go up to the place to dine with the President.
  14. President Duterte also processes now the additional P2000 SSS pension, the one which have been vetoed by the former administration.
  15. Pres. also mandated the removal of the processing fee of travel tax exemption which is good for our OFWs and for people who earns from travelling.
  16. The current policies and regulations by the administrations empowers and strengthens the servicemen and employees eliciting god performances on government offices.
  17. President Duterte also conducts regular grounds on military camps to see what they lack and what they need. Also, he does this to enforce the men to work better and give better service to the country.
  18. Pres. also calls for the shutdown and closure of big mining companies that do not destroy the natural environment but also disrupts the habitats and breathing places of the indigenous people. Since Pres. is a strong environmental advocate, he firmly calls for the shut downs of these companies.
  19. He also calls for the reform of the benefits that are given to the Pantawid Pamilya PIlipino Program Beneficiaries. Instead of just cash, he also wanted to give an additional of 1 sack of rice for the families each month, to make sure that the money which must be spent on education is not compromised for food.
  20. President Duterte also cares for the welfare of the indigenous fishermen in Laguna Lake so he calls for the abolishment of the large fishing pens to give way to smaller fishermen.
  21. President Duterte, bound by his commitment to serve better the OFWs has been calling for extra routed for buses near the airport so there’s no need t0o take round trips just to reach a near destination. This he said, will save time, money and less traffic.
  22. The really really big salary increase for the servicemen of the Philippines has been also on the list by Pres. Duterte. This salary will not just entail better performance, but also a more encouraged workforce to protect the country.
  23. Since the Olympics has just finished, President Duterte also calls for additional budget for an increase on the allowance of the olympic delegates. Since they are representing and will be giving pride to the country, President believes that its just right to give them with a rightful amount of allowance.
  24. President also cares for the family of the fallen servicemen. So, at least alleviate the sorrow and pain, he called for a quick processing of the benefits that should be given to the family of the fallen servicemen.
  25. Before assuming the highest political position in the country which is the Presidency, Pres. Duterte outrightly said that he is in favor of the signing of the Freedom of Information Bill. Now that he is on the position, he has in fact immediately signed the bill and just waiting for the final touches for it to be implemented.
  26. Cleaning and clearing of Public Places like Baclaran and Divisoria have been done by the President. This is among the first steps towards change, said Pres. Duterte.
  27. The exposès against local politicians also has been done by the President to filter our political system. By doing this, he has helped the voters to really pick out the best candidate to avoid the corruption in the small political offices.
  28. There also has been increase in employment because the current administrations has gain the favor of some multinational companies. Thus, there is an assurance that economic growth will steadily rise high.
  29. Lowered petty crime rates has also been observed because of the fear these people got from President Duterte. They said that they wanted to change their lives so they just surrendered.
  30. The Mindanao Peace Process is now again, resumed in Malaysia. It is really an effort of the current administration to keep these rebel groups on the bay.
  31. President Duterte has also released the names of the Oligarchs who have been evading taxes for some years now. It is surprising to know that not just the well-known people do this but also high ranking government officials like the ones in the Justice system.
  32. President also initiated bilateral talks with China regarding the dispute concerning the West Philippine Sea. this effort is to make sure that no one will burst out and just declare war.
  33. The launch of Oplan Tokhang which is an initiative of the President has now gaining positive results. Basically, this oplan is about the policemen going from houses to houses to check any drug paraphernalia, or to check if there is someone in the neighborhood who uses drugs, etc.
  34. President has also been successful in eliciting cooperation from the fenced elites in the city. These elites said that they would do everything to help the President win the war against the drugs.
  35. Different drug laboratories in the country has been forcibly closed. Those that manufactures illegal drugs like shabu and marijuana has been closed and the owners has been legally sentenced.
  36. The total of the confiscated drugs has reached Billions. These has been the ones seized through the operations of President Duterte.
  37. Since President is for the fair treatment of all, there are no more VIP treatment for government officials on public places. No VIP treatment means a more fair citizenship in the country, he said.
  38. The Bureau of Corrections now has been manned by a stronger Special Action Force or SAF. since the tragedy this action force has been driven to strive for the better.
  39. There also has been major improvements in public transportations like the MRT and LRT. since these two has been giving major problems to commuters, Pres. Duterte is doing his best to really solve this.
  40. Last year it has been an issue concerning the Bureau of Customs that they are holding the balikbayan boxes for personal and corrupt reasons. Now, to make sure that this won’t happen again, and that the BoC is now a new government office, there has a transparency move done by the Pres and it is the mandatory installation of CCTVs all over the place.
  41. Like all other government offices, the Department of Foreign Affairs has been mandated by the President to work fast on releasing the passports of those who applies.
  42. President Duterte also calls for the end of contractualization in the workplace because it just heightens the unfair treatment to all the employees.
  43. There also has been a crackdown of the Bilibid Drug Trade which has exposed Senator de Lima.
  44. Since employment is not really high in the country, Pres. has called for no age requirements to all job seekers in the country.
  45. Since there has been the 8888 hotline, the number of fixers dropped down to zero.
  46. President also calls for the closure of all online gambling sites in the Philippines since it is outrightly addictive and bad for a household’s economy.
  47. He also calls for the OEC exemption for those OFWs who are returning to the same employer. There is no need anymore to go back to POEA and undergo the tedious process of getting the OEC.
  48. There also has been an order to extend the validity of the passport – from 5 years to 10 years. This is a good news to those who loves to travel.
  49. President Duterte also calls for a more strict curfew hours for the minors to keep them away from the danger.
  50. Another big milestone for the Duterte Administration is the release of the Abu Sayyaf hostages.
  51. Another curfew is for the use of the Karaoke or Videoke on a closely packed neighborhood. All videoke must be turned off by 10pm.
  52. The deputation of some indigenous groups are also now on the process. This is a way of the administration to promote awareness and above it, to empower our indigenous groups.

These 52 accomplishments are far beyond what previous administrations have accomplished in just three months. Although this has been achieved through multi-sectoral  efforts, none of this would be possible without our President, President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte. So, to all of those people who still chooses not to believe in his achievements, just be Filipinos for once. Change will only be achieved if all would work together hand in hand. Change has come, let us all embrace it.





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