7 Top Local Celebrities who are Certified Womanizers

7 Top Local Celebrities who are Certified Womanizers


Local celebrities who are always on the magazine covers, on every television ads, on every posters and shiny advertisements are also usually the ones who captures the hearts of many fans and supporters. Their good looks and undeniably strong charisma just make them indeed very irresistible. Most often than not, male artists who have these traits are also dubbed as the ones who have ‘many girls’ or those who are called as “womanizers”. Good looks, strong charisma, high appeal and irresistible smize gets all the girls! In the Philippine showbiz industry, this is also very evident. Young and talented actors are being mobbed by girls and they say that they can’t help but to get to each one of them! And right there and then, sprang so many romantic relationships! Showbiz is indeed complicated! So, for this list, we are to look at the top womanizers in the Philippine showbiz industry, for all time! Girls, keep an eye on this., because these men are really ovaries-worthy!

1. Erap Estrada



From showbizness to politics, Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada really have influenced a wide array of girls and women. He has touched and made everybody swoon over his superb acting skills – being a matinee idol, a savior in the movies, a bad boy with good intentions in a lot of his TV series, and yes, a kilig actor. With these abilities, he surely won the hearts of many! Aside from talents, he also has this oozing charisma that did not only gave him tons of girls, but also was able to put him into a political office! Up to date, he has a total of 12 kids from his different partners. And among those partners, some are even prominent figures of their own right; Loi Estrada, Laarni Enriquez, Mary Ann Murphy, and Guia Gomez to name some. Today, Mayor Erap is happily married with Loi.



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