8 Things to Know About Jerico Rosales

8 Things to Know About Jerico Rosales


Who would imagine that a simple Mister Pogi would evolve into a real and successful hunkie actor? Well, Jerico “Echo” Rosales’ case is really a miracle from heaven! Starting off with joining local pageants like EB’s Mister Pogi segment, this actor really exploded as one of the amazing local actors of today. Having said that, let us look into the 8 things one should know about Jerico.


  1. His first leading lady was Angelika Dela Cruz!

Having paired with Angelika, Jerico’s career exploded. The two was praised for having chemistry on screen, thus giving them big breaks on both the cinema and television universe. Before the loveteam, he was just a regular host at Eat Bulaga where he earned the title Mister Pogi.

  1. He loves auditioning!

Like similar talents in the showbiz industry, Echo loves to audition for various roles. Whenever he heard of a vacancy for acting position where the character interests him, he make it a point to go the set and audition for his preferred role. He loves trying and does not hold grudge when he’s not accepted. He believes that rejection is just a part of this life. Sometimes you got t0 be chosen, sometimes you don’t. That’s it.

  1. He loves animals!

As a fan of him would know, Echo really loves animals. As a matter of fact, he’s a strong advocate of animal rights through PETA (People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals). He started being an animal activist in 2014 when he joined the campaign to free Mali, an elephant who is kept in Manila Zoo for 35 long years.

  1. He’s a fan of KathNiel!

One of Echo’s most memorable character was the lead man on the teleserye “Pangako Sa’yo”. He said that it is a big part of his career and as an evolving actor, so for him, the remake of the serye is really a great idea. Because of that, he came to appreciate the famous teen loveteam, #KathNiel.

  1. He’s setting aside his music career!

Aside from being a very good actor, Echo can also sing! As a matter of fact, he has been able to  produce several hit local music tracks. However, due to the shift of his priorities, he decided to lie low temporarily in the music scene.

      6. He’s a certified instagram husband!

Well, being a spouse to one of the most prestigious models of this generation, Echo learned how to be like her. He also learned how to handle things that make her happy (which is traveling and taking photos). Lastly, he learned to be more patient, caring, loving and understanding. He loves her wife wholly that he is able to adapt to this new kind of lifestyle he is living now.

  1. He wants to do more light and romantic-comedy type of movies!

Echo said that he wants to portray more characters of romcom movies, like #WalangForever. He said that he really enjoyed the doing the film and portraying the character of Ethan because it is light. He said that he wants a break from heavy drama, heavy action kind of films or even seryes.

  1. His wife is the best thing for him!

Being married to Kim Jones has definitely completed his life. He said that marrying her was the rightest decision he has ever made. Moreover, he considers her to be his biggests critic. Whenever he did something, he trusts Kim to assess the situation. On one specific instance, when Kim said that Echo really deserve winning the award for #walangforever, he felt very accomplished. He said that it was like winning two trophies at the same time.





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