8 “Undeservingly” Most Hated Local Celebrities of 2013

8 “Undeservingly” Most Hated Local Celebrities of 2013


Nobody’s perfect and even artists cannot be exempted from that. They have their own flaws and mischiefs, but what makes them special is that they are public figures. People – viewers, fans, critics and other concerned parties cannot let those mistakes just pass them by. So what happens now is that, they are being publicly judged for people’s opinions about them. Celebrities being under the spotlight 24/7 cannot just escape those issues, may it be small or big. And some say that it is the price they have to pay for being on the top of the social ladder – whatever they do could be publicized on national television. This sword of fame has brought them also as centers of hatred because according to one social magazine, it is so easy for inferior people to hate on celebrities because they seemed to have everything that an ordinary people cannot have.  2013 has been one of the most controversial years in showbizness. Many artists have risen out of pure talent and looks, while others have lost their shine due to some acts and explosive issues. Now, here is a list of local celebrities who are utmostly shamed and hated for what they did in 2013.

1. Chito Miranda

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The vocalist of the ever famous OPM Band, Parokya Ni Edgar, also has been shamed and extremely hated in 2013. The main reason was because of the private video of him and his girlfriend Neri Naig which circulated the internet for almost several months. He was condemned by Neri’s fans and by other netizens for being such a careless boyfriend. It appeared to the public that Chito is taking an advantage of Neri. Although some defended Chito by saying that sex is a natural thing for couples who are planning to get married, many still are not convinced by his real intentions. Although the issue died down after a couple of months, and the two got married, this scandal about them was bound to last forever; or until there’s some nanti-Chito in the country.



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