The Better of the Two Boxers: Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather

The Better of the Two Boxers: Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather


This is a question of the century. The world has been wanting, and waiting, for the ultimate showdown between these two boxing champions. And while the world waits, we’ve created in our minds a virtual fight or match — wondering who might emerge victorious in the much-awaited, much-anticipated, and much-dreamt match of the century.


In our heads, we’ve been asking questions like: Who will rise victorious? Ultimately, when the two titans of the boxing world meets inside the boxing ring, and after the scores have been called, and then a victor emerges, there will still be questions, or rather, a lingering question, a more encompassing but open-ended (thus debatable): Who is the better fighter?


The Measure For Which Thy Will Be Measured

If the question asked calls for a judgement on ‘who the better fighter is’, the next logical question to be asked is: Better in what aspect?

Track Record and Probability

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather can beat each other to death in the boxing ring and the judges, after tallying all the scores, can declare a winner – a winner based on technicalities and point-scores. Whoever emerges as the winner is the better fighter. That could be a measure for which both will be measured – technicalities and corresponding point-scores. Since the two boxers have not met in a boxing match yet, there is no definite way to compare the two based on technicalities and statistics.

But we can deduce, based on their track record, who will most likely emerge as a victor. Let’s look at statistics:

  • Mayweather has 49 total professional fights: 49 wins, 0 losses & less knockouts than Manny.
  • Pacquiao has 65 total professional fights: 57 wins, 6 losses, 2 draws and more knockouts than Floyd.
  • Mayweather’s 24-0 (7 KO’s) against current & former world champions. Pacquiao’s 20-5 ( 10 KO’s) against current & former world champions.
  • Mayweather has 26 wins, 0 losses, & 10 KO’s in world title bouts. Pacquiao has 18 wins, 4 losses, & 8 KO’s in world title bouts.

But, such a path of regression, is not a reliable and definite path. Meaning: We can never know for sure. No two fighters are ever the same, so no matter how many fighters one fight, each new challenger is an all new challenge all in himself.






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