Closure Matters: 14 Celebrity Couples Who Filed for Annulment

Closure Matters: 14 Celebrity Couples Who Filed for Annulment


  1. Benjie Paras and Jackie Forster

“Too young too dumb to realize” was what Jackie said when asked about why she decided to get married at that very young age. It was in December 1994 when the two decided to get married. Their marriage has gave birth to two handsome and talented boys, Kobe and Andre. Jackie said that their partnership was a traumatic one, that she wanted out even if they have kids already. In 2001, they got separated – her filing the annulment and him fighting for the custody of the his children. The annulment  was granted in 2003, two years after their petition. Today, Benjie is happily married with his new partner, and so is Jackie.


  1. Don Allado and Maricar de Mesa

Not everything that last longer than usual stays forever. Despite their 8 years of being together, the two still ended up filing an annulment. Looking back at their story, they got married last December 2006. It was a perfect match. But came 2014, rumors circulated that Don was having an extra-marital affair. True enough, Maricar discovered who the girl is. After that, she filed the petition. Today, there is no decision yet on whether to grant the annulment or not. Maricar is now residing in US, and she said that she has no news regarding her ex-husband’s whereabouts.

  1. Bernard Palanca and Merryl Soriano

The shortest marriage ever in showbiz was probably the marriage of Bernard and Merryl. Theirs only lasted for about five months. After realizing that they are not as compatible as they thought they are, they immediately filed an annulment. The two get married on September 2006, and separated on February 2007. It was only this 2015 that their annulment case was resolved.

  1. Brix Ferraris and amy Perez

Their relationship taught us a lesson – for a relationship to really work, both parties should work; there must be fair and equal treatments, and that love is a two-way street. Both should give and exert effort to make the relationship strong. Brix and Amy’s story is a heartbreaking one, because nobody thought that it would be cut short just like that. The two got married on 1995, and has gave birth to a son in 1997. It was sailing smoothly but Briz just left Amy when their son turned 10-months old. It was painful, up to the point that Amy even begged him to stay. But despite all the efforts, Brix still decided to leave. In 2000, Amy finally had the courage to file an annulment. It was only in 2014 that the grant was given.






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