Closure Matters: 14 Celebrity Couples Who Filed for Annulment

Closure Matters: 14 Celebrity Couples Who Filed for Annulment


  1. Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie

One of the kilig loveteams of the 80s is probably Vic-Dina. Their story is also a reel to real type. It was in 1982 when the couple decided to get married. Immediately after that, Dina gave birth to a beautiful baby, Danica, and a year after, Oyo came out. However, they immediately separated in 1986, citing reasons such as third party. On 1992, Dina formally petitioned an annulment. It was granted years after, setting them both as free individuals. On an interview with Dina this 2014, she said that even if they separated then, she still made efforts to make the relationship work, but every time she tries,  Vic just seemed to be having a child with another woman. Today, Vic is happily married with his Eat Bulaga co-host, Pauleen Luna.


  1. James Yap and Kris Aquino

Probably one of the most controversial split ups ever in philippine showbizness is the break up of James and Kris. the two got married in July 2005. But local viewers thought it was just a hoax, and did not believe it until Kris gave birth to a son, whom he named Baby James, on 2007. Their relationship was treated as the most controversial because Kris is “Kris” and James, well, he just seemed super out of the league for her. Although their immediate break-up was not surprising, the drama behind it was. There were a lot of rumors and tell-tell stories about their breakup in 2010. After that break-up, Kris immediately filed for an annulment. Two years after, the grant was approved. Today, Kris is happy living with her two sons while James is happily married to her foreign wife.

  1. Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta

Another reel to real loveteam is that of Gabby and Sharon. Their strong chemistry on screen made the 80s teenagers go kilig. Because they’re always together, the two did not help but to romantically fall for one another then. It was in 1984 when they decided to get married. Being a young married couple, arguments, petty fights were always present. Sharon even said on an interview that the moment they started to live with each other under one roof, she realized that the man she dreams of growing old with, is not the same man as Gabby. Their marriage resulted to the birth of KC Concepcion. Despite that, they still chose to go on separate ways, and have their marriage annulled. Petition was on 1998 and by 1993 they were officially annulled.

  1. Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto

Another kilig loveteam of the 90s, is Dennis-Marjorie tandem. Their relationship has proven that pretty girls usually fall for the funny boys. It was in 1997 when the two decided to finally tie the knot. Their 10 year partnership has gave birth to three beautiful daughters. It was in 2007 when they finally split up and it was in 2009 when the judgment became official.






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