Kris Exes: Queen of All Media’s Past Relationship

Kris Exes: Queen of All Media’s Past Relationship


Nobody’s perfect; we succeed, we fail and we try again. Just like in love. Everyone just keeps on searching, finding, and matching themselves with anybody else. Philippine’s Queen of All Media, Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino or popularly known as Kris Aquino is just like everyone else. Since she has been on the showbiz industry for 30 years now, her being linked to different and various artists cannot be denied. Some of the links have been clarified, while some have been shunned about. Here’s a list of some hot names which were linked to the one and only Kris Aquino.

1. Phillip Salvador

She was her young love. At early 20’s, she thought that what she felt back then was real love. Kris and Philip met at work in 1994; shooting for a series to be showed in the national television. Being new to the field of showbizness, Kris assumed that what Philip made her feel on screen was the same with his feelings off screen. Her love for him blossomed despite the fact that he is already a married man, and has already three kids whom the first has the same age as hers. Everything happened instantly, and before anyone could make a judgment about her decision, she has already announced her pregnancy on national TV.  It took everyone by storm and even her religious mother cannot absorb the fact that it was really happening. This has caused a problem in the former First Family. However, just like all things, everything lay low. She gave birth to a son whom they named Joshua. After giving birth, Kris and Phillip realized that they were not really meant for each other. He’s just too old for her; and she was too young for her. Besides, the annulment case between Phillip and his wife was not going anywhere. The two finally decided to call it quits in 1999.

2. Alvin Patrimonio

A love story branded as something that “was never were, never is and never will be”. Kris and Alvin worked together for a film “Tasya Pantasya” in 1994. But even before that, the two were already rumored to be a ’thing’ already. However, when Alvin was asked about this, he mentioned that they were never really official. He said that he never courted Kris, so why the issue? He said that mostly, blame must be on Kris part for being so emotional. He didn’t get why Kris was so emotional back then every time he tells he is to be in a relationship with somebody else. So, to sum it up, Kris-Alvin official love team never materialized. To borrow Coco Martin’s line, “there was never an us”.



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