Kris Exes: Queen of All Media’s Past Relationship

Kris Exes: Queen of All Media’s Past Relationship


3. Joey Marquez


Probably the most controversial hook-up of Kris was with the “Joey Marquez”. Joey has his reputation and image of being a womanizer even before the two got together. He has already 11 children with different women, but Kris did not mind it and go on with their relationship. Their relationship started in March 2003,and it was full of butterflies and beauty. Although it was something that appeared as too good to be true, the two still went on. However, after 6 months of being together, the inevitable break up exploded. It was in September 22, 2003 when the news came out that the two has split up. It was so controversial because they have different takes on the reasons behind their break up. While Kris was arguing that she was threatened by a gun, and has contacted STD, Joey argued that it was just a normal fight that made them decide to call it quits. Up to now, their story ranked among the most controversial celebrity breakups in PH showbiz history.

4. James Yap

Niceyfemme's Bitter-Shweet Corner
Niceyfemme’s Bitter-Shweet Corner

After years of being single, Kris decided to fall in love once again. And that time, it was with the famous Basketball player, James Yap. The two met in 2005 at a dinner party care of their common friend, Dondon Monteverde. It felt like love at first sight, because the two immediately caught spark with one another that blossomed into one true love. It was February when they met, and it was August the same year when they decided to get married. Kris said that after years of searching, she finally found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. In 2007, Kris gave birth to handsome healthy boy, whom they named Baby James. During the same year, the couple faced a rumor of James having an affair with an employee of beauty clinic. They got over it, so the people thought that the two would really last. Kris announcement in 2010 proved most people’s belief wrong. On her interview with The Buzz, Kris said that she had enough and she cannot stand being with James anymore; for her, everything was over then. However, James did not give up that easy. Even when the annulment case continues, he still wants to be with Kris. After sometime, viewers thought that he got tired, so he just officially called it over, too. Today, James is happily in a relationship with a foreigner.



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