No, no, NO!: Foods to Avoid While You’re on Your Period

No, no, NO!: Foods to Avoid While You’re on Your Period


Girls all have that special period of the month where appetite goes up, hormones swings, and mood changes as fast as the wind blows. Now, it’s best to take extra care and precaution about your body while you are your period. Because not only does your emotional self undergo changes, your physical body also does change. So here’s a list of foods that you MUST avoid to have a safe and hassle free period.

  1. Caffeine-Rich Foods and Beverages

As one should know, caffeine is a kind of drug responsible for giving an individual that kind of ‘high’ feeling. Over consumption of this can thus lead to being overly energetic and awake, contrasting the condition of your weak body. Your nerves tell you do to do this and that, but your physiological state is not fit for those activities. As a result, you’ll feel depressed and anxious, adding to your unstable emotional self. Moreover, caffeine increases likelihood of dehydration, which in all possibilities is not good for a menstruating body. So, you really should avoid caffeine during your red days. Just choose green food over it.



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