Showbiz meets Private: 21 Celebrities who are in love with Non-Showbiz Persons

Showbiz meets Private: 21 Celebrities who are in love with Non-Showbiz Persons


Love is everywhere. Not all those who faces the camera chooses the same persons who do the same. Even if there’s a lot of pretty faces and gorgeous looks in showbizness, not all who finds love look in that realm for partners – some goes out and find private or ‘non-showbiz’ persons. Those who have experienced this said that having a non-showbiz partner, actually has perks. You are not bound to disclose everything in public because the public has to respect the privacy of your partner. You also can enjoy olo time and private time together without having to explain yourselves. So, to give you further examples how relationships like this could work, let us all look into these 21 perfect pairs.

  1. Derek Ramsay and Joanne Villablanca

After controversial and bumpy years, Derek finally said that his time to be happy has come. After issues about his breakup with Angelica, hook-up with Cristine and legal issues with his estranged wife, Derek has overcome and decided that it is finally the time to be happy. He met this model Joanne Villablanca in 2015. Joanne is 17 years older than him, but they do not see this as a hindrance to their blossoming love. They have celebrated their first anniversary last January 2016. Derek, now being more joyous about his situation and love life, looks forward to more years of being together with Joanne.


  1. Vhong Navarro and Tanya Winona

A love that was formed during the set and taping for a movie, was the kind of love Vhong and Tanya has. These two met in the set of the film My Only You in 2008. Vhong then was the leading protagonist alongside Toni Gonzaga, while Tanya was the drama script writer. Since then, the two has been on a steady relationship. Despite several trials and issues, the two were able to overcome it, together. One instance like this was the issue about Deniece Cornejo where Vhong was severely beaten up. Tanya stayed by his side, even after everything. Teary-eyed, Vhong thanked her for staying, and for loving him unconditionally. They have celebrated their 7th year of being together his year.

  1. Sam Milby and Mari Jasmine

Mari is a Filipino-British model, while Sam as we all know is a very public person. Not until this August, Sam was very evasive about their status as a couple. He just said that they don’t want to put label on it, or simply, he don’t want to admit to everybody that he’s no longer single and available. So it was a shock for #SamAbangers that they were already a couple. Since Mari is a private person, and Sam highly respects that, he did not say more about the details of their relationship. What he just said was “Yes, kami na”. He highly respects Mari’s request for privacy, so he hopes that the press and media people will also respect that.

  1. Rhian Ramos and Jason Choachuy

Who would have thought that this lovely actress is in a relationship already? There were no news about them being together, no scoops about them, or whatever. We guess, they did well in keeping their relationship private. They have been together for a year now, and everything is smoothly sailing. Rhian met Jason in a racing event. The two clicked instantly.


  1. Bela Padilla and Neil Arce

Bela is a new Kapamilya artist who is bound to conquer the drama serye soon because of her superb acting skills. Aside from her blooming career, she also has a very blooming love life with Neil Arce, a businessman and a film producer. They were together since 2013, and everything is smoothly sailing. Bela really love Neil because as she said, he was so understanding, so kind and very generous. In other words, ‘he’s the right one’. Bela further said, that it’s just a bonus that he’s a non-showbiz person.






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