My Teacher is an Artist! Ten Local Celebrities who are also Teachers...

My Teacher is an Artist! Ten Local Celebrities who are also Teachers by Profession!


In line with celebrating the Teacher’s Month, let us also look at these amazing celebrities who ventures into acting and teaching at the same time. Although show business and academe seemed two different niches, these individuals have been able to balance things out, and even excel in both worlds. So, let us all check who they are!

  1. Quark Henares


Quark Henares, or more popularly known as “Direk Quark” is among the many well-known directors of today. He has been known in the showbiz scene for successfully directing hit indie and mainstream movies like Rakenrol (2011), Keka (2003) and Gamitan (2002). But aside from directing movies, Direk is also a very passionate teacher. Driven by the desire to inspire and teach aspiring individuals, he co-founded Shift, a multimedia school specializing in graphic design, web development, and video production.

  1. Ruby Rodriguez

Surprisingly, Dabarkads Ruby is more than the comedienne that she is! Aside from being a hands on and passionate TV host in Eat Bulaga, Ruby is also former teacher. She has in fact practiced teaching before going full time as a TV host. Now, since she has quite established her name in the industry, she said that if she would be given the chance, she will still go back on teaching. When asked why, she said that her son’s condition – being dyslexic and having an ADHD inspires her to teach and especially reach out to kids with special needs.

  1. Regine Tolentino

Regine Tolentino, a world class dancer has also now ventured into teaching. Using her natural talent on inspiring everybody to get fit, she has now become an official zumba instructor. Although it is is somehow out of the academe, her handling dance classes is still considered as a teaching profession.

  1. Patricia Tumulak


Patricia is no longer the “Birthday Girl” in longest running noontime show, Eat Bulaga. Because of her natural talent, she was able to get the people’s attention thus making a name in showbizness. Today, she does not only appears on Eat Bulaga, but is also a consistent guest in the Chika Minute segment of the news show, 24 Oras. But , did you know that aside from her pretty face and talent for hosting, she also has a big heart for teaching? Well, yes! Patricia, as a matter of fact is a graduate of Child Development and Education,with a minor in Special Education. She aspires to establish her own preschool in the near future.






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