The 10 most expensive tertiary schools in the Philippines (2015)

The 10 most expensive tertiary schools in the Philippines (2015)



They say the best things in life come for free, well, not when we’re talking about education.

They also said that the only constant thing in this world is change, which is true if we’re talking about tuition fees.

There is no denying that in order for someone to be assured of high quality education, that person should be prepared to pay thousands of pesos too, because majority of the top universities in the Philippines doesn’t come for cheap. It is also worth noting that school expenses are going up every year, which means tuition and other school fees could increase as you stay longer in your school.

That being said, we present to you the 10 most expensive universities in the country today.

1. Enderun College

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Annual tuition fees – PHP 231,000 – 300,000
Basic tuition fees for local students – PHP 115,000
Basic tuition fees for foreign students – PHP 150,000

Enderun College was established in 2005 and its previous location was in Ortigas. It moved to its current location at McKinley hills, Bonifacio Global City in 2008. Enderun College offers International Hospitality Management, Business Administrations, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship programs. A whopping 200,000-300,000 is needed yearly for one to study in this school, which explains why Enderun College has only 1,000+ students.

Notable alumnus: Kathryn Bernardo



  1. This article is definitely missing a few schools like southville etc. Also, the title is too broad. It should be “top 10 most expensive COLLEGES in the philippines”. If it is “schools” alone, then you should have included hs, grad schools etc.

  2. Mas mahal pa ang tuition ng ust kesa sa mapua. So I think this post is unaccountable. Per sem the range is not less than 40k and more than 70k.

  3. Where’s Assumption College in there and Entrepreneur School of Asia? These are far more expensive schools than some on your list. ?

  4. Depende naman sa year and course eh. Sa CEU Manila, pag Dentistry or Optometry course ka, pwedeng umabot ng almost 200,000 ang tuition mo sa isang year.

  5. You should have written college/university…pag schools kasi, included dapat dyan yung mas mamahaling schools like brent…mas mahal na pala ang 40k tuition fee ng FEU sa 60k tuition fee ng UST…hindi nag research ng mabuti ang writer neto…or nakalimutan na ang math??? Mas mataas na ang 40 sa 60…tsk tsk ???

  6. I think it does not matter which is the most expensive, but which one is more reliable in terms of quality education. it all boils down which school has most top students and willing to take the challenge to develop future leaders. kung kaya nyo mag invest sa mga expensive gadgets, hindi dapat pinanghihinayangan ang edukasyon.

  7. Correction: Julia Barretto, Iza Calzado, and Alodia Gosiengfiao were all from MC grade school and high school. The tuition in high school is around 130k per year, not including the electronic gadgets they use.

  8. Before you complain folks as to why FEU is on the list, you should consider some points as well. 40K tuition fee in FEU consist of 23Units only, pag ginawang full load(27) units, that makes around 50k, depending on the course you are up to..Architecture, Medical Tech and Nursing for example have the highest costs ranging from 70-80k per sem…Labas pa dito ang mga tuition fee ng mga International Students which is 10k-15k higher than local students.

    FEU offers 6 months Culinary program in partnership with ICF in Makati and the Tuition and Fees for the said program is 195k..

    FEU’s Engineering and I.T ‘programs through its Institute of Technology is in trimestral calendar with an average of 43k per term @ 21Units load….That cost around 130k per annum…

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