Try the most effective teeth whitening technique!

Try the most effective teeth whitening technique!


While black and yellow teeth are beautiful to many aborigines, a lot of people, especially those living in cities, dream of having a crystal white teeth. Especially because of the notion that having white teeth suggests good hygiene.

It also indicates a more elevated social status. After all, a lot of people visit their dentists 3-4 times a year to try teeth whitening treatments.

In addition, toothpaste companies have been innovating instant whitening toothpastes that, aside from the fresh breath it provides, whiten teeth in an instant. And they claim that their products for mouth and teeth work like magic.

Yet, some claim that these ‘teeth whitening products’ are ineffective. BUT, do you know that there is a teeth  whitening technique that instantly works like magic?

You only need baking soda and lemon to achieve a whiter, cleaner teeth. Aside from this technique is a lot cheaper than your dentist’s treatment, it is also safe because it only requires natural materials. Besides, it is easier to do and DIYable.

According to Youtube Channel Dajana248, you just need to cut the lemon in half and squeeze its juice to a bowl which contains one teaspoon of baking soda.

You will notice that the baking soda are bubbling. So, wait the bubbles to pop up. Then use either cotton, kitchen napkin, or your ring finger to apply the solution unto your teeth.
A lot of people claim that this teeth whitening technique is superb and very effective. So, why don’t you try it?





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